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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Party 2016


The 2016 little Christmas party was organized once again in association with the Malaysian Embassy and was held at the embassy's premises. Dozens of happy and enthusiastic little and big Christmas elves showed up.

The favourite program number was of course the Christmas carolling that no-one could escape :)

After the a couple of speeches, the cake cutting and carolling, a great meal and plenty of snacks and delicacies that all guests had brought, we all enjoyed the rest of the afternoon by mixing and mingling and of course had Santa pop in with some sweets as well! A great way to start Christmas holidays!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Diwali Brunssi 2016

Vuoden 2016 perinteinen syystapahtuma vietettiin himan värikkäämmissä tunnelmissa, Diwalin - perinteisen Intialaisen valojuhlan - merkeissä. Juhla käynnistettiin lyhyellä ttervetuliaispuheella, jonka jälkeen katsottiin lyhyt video Diwalista ja sen perinteistä. Sen jälkeen siirryttiin tietysti heti ruokailuun - onhan se aina tapahtumien kohokohta!

Ruoka oli TAAS taivaallista, kuten aina. Osa ruoasta oli tilattu Singapore Wok:sta ja sen lisäksi Bhuvan ja Diana vastasivat pääasiallisesti kokkailuista. Myös vieraat toivat tapansa mukaan suuren määrän erilaisia herkkuja. Menussa oli mm. kway teowta, lohicurrya, ananaskurrya, sitruunakanaa, aasialaista kana-kasvispataa, tulista kasvishöystöä sekä paljon muuta suolaista ja makeaa banaanikakusta, mini-muffinsseihin ja omenapiirakkaan.

Kuten jo perinteeksi on muodostunut, Julia piti taas vieraille leikkimielisen tietovisan, aiheina Suomi ja Malesia. Kilpalu nosti melutason ihanan korkealle kun ihmiset nauroivat ja miettivät vastauksia yhteen ääneen. Voittajakaksikko oli selkeä - Jyrki ja Ellen Niemi veivät Rossin avustuksella voiton (ka muhkeat palkinnot) kotiin!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Baking Demo 2016

Erkki's Famous Donuts and Rice Pies Baking Demo

Nothing beats homemade delicacies in a cold autumn day. Our former FMA president, Mr. Erkki Miettinen has a secret; he makes good donuts! On top of that, he also know how to make the finnish traditional rice pies. Why buy from the stores if you can make them yourself?


1 liter of milk
4 dl sugar
2 packets of yeast (can use dry yeast too)
300g butter
2 packets of coconut fat (brand, Cocos) to deep fry with
2kg of flour
3 eggs

                                                       flour & coconut fat                                                        



Warm the milk up to 45 degree Celsius

Melt butter in a pan and put aside
Once the milk has cooled down a bit, pour milk into a bowl and add sugar and eggs. Mix and then add the yeast, salt (accordingly) and cardamom. Mix well.

Add flour and melted butter and make sure to mix well. Tip: Add half of the melted butter and flour, mix well before adding them into the milk mixture again.

Once the mixture has turned into a dough-like pastry, proceed kneading with hands
Fill hot water into the sink, put the bowl with the dough in and cover the bowl with a towel and let it sit for an hour or until the dough rises

Take the dough out from the bowl and knead and cut into smaller portion or balls. Cover with towel and let them sit for another half an hour.

Use a deep pan to melt the coconut fat to 170 degree Celsius
Make a hole in the middle of the dough and deep dry till both sides turns brownish in colour. Put aside to cool a while and garnish with sugar.

Riisipirakka- Rice pie


4dl rice for porridge (riisipuuro)
4dl water
2 liter of milk
melted butter

For the pie you will need:

Rye flour
A bit of wheat flour

milk & wheat flour

 rye flour & porridge rice


Put the oven to 250 degree Celsius
Put the rice to boil with water. Add milk after the rice is ready (refer to the riisipuuro packet on how to make the rice porridge)

To make the pie:
Mix a bit of water, rye flour and wheat flour together. then oil and salt (refer to the instruction on the rye flour packet on how to make the dough) Tip: Use a little of oil on your hands when kneading to avoid the dough from getting stuck between your fingers

Knead the dough into a roll and cut into smaller pieces.
 Roll them flat. 

Put a spoonful of rice porridge on the flat pie dough and shape them into a leaf-like shape

Brush melted butter all over the pies and put into the oven.

The pies are ready when they are brownish in colour and best eaten with boiled eggs and butter (munavoi)

Happy faces enjoying their hard work!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

FMA Annual Golf Tournament

Missed our annual golf tournament this year? Why not join the tournament for next year then?As expected, the event had a great turn over and was a favorite among both FMA's members and non members.

As the tradition goes, Kari Mäkinen our vice president hosted the tournament and seen here in the picture above with this year's winners.

The look of a champion! The tournament is usually done during summer time and this year we had it on the 5th of August, 2016.

We hope that next year we will have even more people competing in the tournament!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Visit to the Helsinki City Museum

The FMA did a trip to the Helsinki City Museum on Aug 25th, which happened to also be the evening of the Night of Arts (Taiteidenyö). Almost a dozen of us participated and some also continued to other events that the Night of Arts had to offer. Another fun outing together!

Friday, 19 August 2016

The first ever International Foor Market

The Finland-Malaysia associations first ever International Food Market was a SUCCESS STORY!

We had an estimate of 700 visitors and filled Ruttopuisto on the autumnish day of August the 13th, 2016.

Various stalls joined to offer their delicacies so we had the pleasure of experiencing a wonderful mix of several different cuisines from around the world.

The FMA stall had several items on it's menu: Nasi lemak, chicken and beed rendang, curry puffs, kuih ros, teh tarik, kek lapis and a couple other chicken dishes to name a few.

In addition to our Malaysian food stall we also had stalls from form Lebanon, India, Tibet, Finland, Vietnam etc.

Despite the dull weather and some rain, happy stall keepers and guests made the day! :)

Please check out our video on the International Food Market here: